2021 Personal, Sole Proprietor, and Corporate Tax Checklists. ( Alberta, Canada ) Download Here!

Ask-Her Tax + Bookkeeping Inc.
February 2, 2022

We understand how cumbersome the whole process can be to file your personal taxes, like figuring out what all of the tax credits and deductions are that you may be eligible for, it really can be a lot.

To help with this process it is really important to have a tax checklist to help you in the process of tracking income, expenses and deductions.

Whether you are seeking help with a professional or filing your own taxes, these checklists will be most helpful to you!

So go ahead, download and print off one, or both of the checklists below, check things off as you go, as and if each point is relevant to you.

If you are a Sole Proprietor, download the Personal Checklist as you will be filing your expenses under your personal taxes.

If you found these lists helpful, please share this post with your friends and family!

There you have it, folks. We hope this helps and Happy Taxing!

Thank you; Milgwetch,
Shelilia Vivier
President & CEO