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‍Are you being audited by the CRA and need help understanding what they're asking for? We can help!


A tax audit can be a stressful experience and if it’s not completed correctly, a costly one too. An auditor from the CRA will ask to look through all your records, bank statements, and books for any inconsistency with the tax year in question.

This audit not only includes federal tax, but the provincial taxes for where your business is registered and any outside province you do business in. Our team of experts will walk you through the first internal stage of the audit and your financial documents compiled for your lawyer. We strongly advise you to also see a tax audit lawyer as CRA is not always correct in their findings.


What happens when your business or corporation is audited by the CRA?

Most businesses and corporations will receive a notice from the CRA about the intention to audit your business. This notice will include all the initial information they need from you and then they will usually follow up with more information requests.

The best time to reach out for help during an audit is at the beginning. Not all auditors are reasonable or willing to understand why you filed your taxes the way you did. We are prepared to speak to auditors on the behalf of our clients when necessary or we will provide you with the support and information before you contact a tax audit lawyer.

During this process our team can help you find, organize, and manage requests. This includes everything from helping you make a payment to the CRA to understanding all the requirements for your specific situation pertaining to the advice from your Tax Lawyer.

Why does the CRA audit businesses and corporations?

The CRA will choose to perform an audit based on the assessed risk of a business. CRA audit triggers for risk assessment are based on a number of different reasons including:
• Previous history of non-compliance
• Frequency of errors on previous tax returns
• Comparison of information on returns to information from third-party sources

How do you prevent the CRA from auditing your business?

The best way to prevent a CRA audit is to correctly file your business taxes. We provide both tax and bookkeeping services to ensure all of your personal business and corporate taxes and expenses are in compliance with the tax rulings.


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